About us

Modern research has discovered lately the beneficial effects of olive oil properties as a health and beauty “elixir”. Centuries before, olive oil has been used in Greece for various hair & body care applications.

Utilizing its many qualities, OLIVE ERA™ created a full line of care products featuring olive oil as the main ingredient combined with a variety of greek herbs and extracts.

A rich source of provitamin A, vitamins K and E, and other powerful antioxidants, olive oil has a beneficial effect on the hair and skin, nourishing, moisturizing, strengthening, fighting against ageing and wrinkles, protecting against the sun’s rays, and combating free radicals damage.

The mediterranean climate and unique properties of the greek landscape provide special qualities to the main ingredient in OLIVE ERA™ beauty and care products, strengthening the feeling of, rejuvenation and stimulation created by their use.

Greek nature meets spa treatment. Welcome to the olive era!